Partnership is more to us than just selecting the right vendors to meet your Association's needs. We bring together a qualified team to help ensure that your projects are completed in a timely and professional manner. We partner with your board of directors to make sure there is clear, detailed information to allow them to make well-informed decisions. The goal is to empower your board to meet with success. When you win, your Association wins.


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    Time and again Rob Garner of Garner Management Services has risen to the occasion in our hours of need, performing at higher-than-industry standards, going well above and beyond the call of duty, as continually evidenced since the beginning of his January 2011 take-over from our previous off-site management company. Rob has consistently demonstrated an admirable level of professionalism with his enthusiastic take-charge get-to-business attitude which in turn has inspired greater homeowner confidence as we seek to recover and evolve beyond the gross-negligence suffered under our prior management system. Although he inherited an exceptionally distressed community, within a relatively brief amount of time, Rob has earned the respect of our board members and, to date, he continues to gain confidence of all homeowners by building rapport via his earnest dedication and steadfast commitment to the residents of the Woodglen Condominiums. Based upon Rob's invaluable level of expertise, GMS has introduced and implemented effective progressive positive change that has transformed our HOA into a healthier governing body. With this new found hope and relationship of trust, our once struggling community has begun to thrive. I cannot speak more highly of, nor recommend more heartily, Rob Garner's management services.

    Elizabeth H. Sims-Day
    Treasurer ('12) & Past VP ('06-'11), Woodglen Condos HOA